Our Goal

Ultimately our goal is to raise the funds to permanently purchase a 7’ Steinway B Classic Grand Piano

Featuring internationally renowned Jazz artists, the Jazz Forum has had a 50-year-old 5’ Steinway “S” — a well-worn house piano from the original NYC Jazz Forum in the early 1980’s.  After all these years of elegant performances by celebrated Jazz artists, the “S” was ready for retirement.

Starting our second year in Tarrytown, the artists and audiences at the club deserve the finest instrument available.  Bill Charlap (Steinway Artist) so loved the club and its potential as a world-class venue that he selected the Steinway 7’ Classic Grand best suited to various Jazz styles. Bill then inaugurated the Steinway “B” piano during his sell-out weekend at the club.  

This exquisite instrument will inspire both pianists and other artists with the piano’s capabilities, bring joy to expanding audiences and serve as the centerpiece of special educational programs by acclaimed pianists.